Voicebank Installation Problems

Hi, I’m kind of new getting into DeepVocal, so I’m having some trouble with the installation of the voice banks.

I did the standard installation of DeepVocal, so I see the singer folder in ProgramFiles(x86)/DeepVocal, and put the voice banks in the singer folder. Although when I open up Deepvoice, I don’t see any option for any of the singers I put in the folder, it’s just a blank.

Can anyone help me with this? I tried everything I could think of, even reinstalling the previous versions of DeepVocal. :frowning:

Much appreciated if someone could help out. Been wrapping my head around this for some time now.

Are you putting the voicebanks in separate folders inside DeepVocal/singers?
Your singers folder need to look like this

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Yep, but sadly, somehow its not working :pensive:

Please ensure that the folder containing the voicebank has the necessary SKC, SKI, and voice.sksd, and that they are not in a subfolder. Additionally, try running DeepVocal in administrator mode.

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@Nielon_Saberton @HIDE

Thank you guys for helping out! I really appreciate it! I finally got it to work now! So happy right now that it’s working properly!

I checked and did each of your guys’ suggestion and realised another main problem why it wasn’t working… I downloaded the voiceband files on a Mac (because of faster internet connection) and unzipped them there, but then I transferred the unzipped voicebank folders to windows. The voicebank folders I used from the Mac didn’t work. Although when I directly downloaded (which took a long time) and unzipped the folders on Windows, it worked! I guess, unzipping folders on different operating systems rewrote the formatting of the files so DeepVocal couldn’t recognise the voicebank folders. Oh well, lesson learned. :relieved:

Thanks again for the help and suggestions! I’m just really happy right now that it’s working! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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