Rumors about new Deep Vocal 2.0 update

I saw on the Chinese website called “bilibili” a user called “Rebia Oficial” announcing a supposed new update for deepvocal, which he titled “deepvocal 2” or “deepvocal 2.0” that caught my attention, because there is nowhere information from boxstar about this update, which leads me to think that boxstar gave the Deep Vocal source code to Rebia, I will leave the link on the official Rebia page below so that you can see and post your opinion on this subject yourself.


In the event that Boxstar did give rebia the source code, I wonder if the EULA will change to fit “Rebia” instead of “Boxstar” :thinking:

A friend of mine that is currently in the developer qq group confirmed that boxstar is still doing it!

So the software is going to be late?