Question about creating //VCV// DeepVocal

Hello, i am LoreaMStudios.

***I have a question. ***

I am developing my constructed, fictional language in DV, and the voice bank is VCV, ported from UTAU. Is it posible to make VCVs in DeepVocal?.

If yes, my main question is: How do i start the .dict file?.

Thank you if you answer.

deepvocal only has official support for the CVVX method, which is similar to CVVC, however users were able to adapt VCV to deepvocal, with the VVCV method, only with this adaptation the speed of the consonants is very fast and impossible to control, so I do not know if it is worth betting on this adaptation, as it does not sound so good, however you can configure your bank as CVVX in deepvocal, even if it is recorded in VCV format, you can take out all the CVs and VX necessary to create a deepvocal Complete CVVX.

about .DICT I don’t understand about this subject, forgive me …

I had also thought of a vcv voicebank for DV and according to me the phonemic dictionary could be something like this:
a = 1 e = 2 i = 3 o = 4 u = 5 (add a number to each vowel to identify it in the syllable)
then in the symbol list part put the following:
ba, b1, a
be, b2, e
bi, b3, i
bo, b4, o
bu, b5, u
In the VX part the following connections will be added
And if you got a VCV in DV, it would be quite similar to what vocaloid does except for final consonants.