Nala-Chan Neutral Melody - 5 in 1 Voicebank

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hi, i’m proud to say Nala-Chan Project is almost complete!
some basic info :
Name - Nala-Chan (chan is his name, not a way to call him, you can say nala-chan kun, or just nala-kun)
Age - 16 to 20
meaning - colorfull candy/ icecream
based on my utau voicebanks
Nala-Chan Neutral Melody diferent of the utau voices, have a intense work on the vocal capacity
is a 5 in one voicebank
a main and natural voicebank with out voice act
and 4 evec/apped voicebanks integrated on the main one
The main voicebank is the Neutral
have 2 main records and some extras, and is recomended for medium rages, and is really efective on low range songs
and now we have the other evecs
insted of full cvvx voicebanks
the evecs are lite cv voicebanks witch you can put manualy on the midle of the song
or make a entier song with it, however it is not recommended , since , even being a full voicebank, still a cv one, for quick use, even well configurated is better to use as a expression
we have 4
cute - a classic nala append, more cute and girly girl voice, really good for cachy songs
power - this makes the vocal extremely powerfull and makes the bank range higher, is recomended to use this to make high range songs
soft - a calm and fragile voice to more emocional and melancholic songs, works well with cute
adult - a power evec variation focus on a more deep voice and yet powerfull, a more mature , works well with low and high range, and have a good mix with power
all of them have a KEY to be used on the editor
example of usage -

la la la (neutral)
laC laC laC (cute)
laP laP laP (power)
laS laS laS (soft)
laAD laAD laAD (adult)

the voicebank still have a breath note for every single voice, so if you use, cute, and end the note with a H note, it will be use a cute breath, not the neutral one
also, every single voice have a separated design
being power and soft contraparts
neutral a harajuku inspired
and adult a cassino type

the voicebank is really easy to use, may be hard to do a good usage of the evec/append sistem, but, still very easy to make more expressions
breaths will be able as ex-voice
every single design will have a MMD model
and every single append will have a separated demo, focous on the voice it self

avaliable demos at the moment -

Neutral x power (using the early build of the voicebank)
Nala-Chan Neutral x Power - Tengaku

Power x Adult (using the early build of the voicebank)
Nala-Chan Power x Adult - Colorfull x Sexy feat Rekka Yuuri
on the same youtube channel

Soft only (using the finished version of the soft evec + model and design reveal of power and soft)
Nala-Chan Soft Melody - Bitter choco Decoration
on the same youtube channel

Cute (intermediary build - unfinished demo)
Nala-Chan Cute - I want to be a Girl

if you want to know more about the project you can download any of the utau voicebanks and mmd models from here:
deviantart . com/nalachanp

voicebank configuration made by Felipe Souza

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