Making a DeepVocal App for android/iphone?

It would be amazing if i could work on deepvocal and on my phone when i am not on my PC.
I believe it would not be hard for someone to make this app…

You can run deepvocal on exagear (a windows emulator for android), however, it runs VERY VERY laggy, making it almost unusable.
There is an alternative called “Ace Virtual Singer” for android and ios, which is optimized for mobile devices. Its main feature is that you can “play” it in real time, like playing a violin.

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I tried exagear, sadly it’s very laggy as you said…
As for the Ace Virtual Singer i downloaded it it’s adorable but i can’t understand how it’s working :stuck_out_tongue:

So we came back in our main theme…
if someone can, please make a DeepVocal App :smiley: