Looking to commission someone to convert UTAU voicebanks to DeepVocal

Hi, I was wanting to know if anyone could convert my voicebanks from UTAU to DeepVocal for me? There’s 3 VCV voicebanks and 2 CV voicebanks. I’m willing to provide payment for it.

Two of the VCV banks have 173 files and they are 7-mora
One of the VCV banks is tripitch with 333 files in the C4 folder, 284 in the C#4 folder, and 299 in the E4 folder, all 7-mora.
One CV bank has 143 files, and the other CV bank has 148 files.

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well, here is a automatic UTAU voicebank to DeepVocal converter. only works on Chinese CV-VC voicebanks.
you can modify it add VCV support to it.
actually i add some codes made it can convert my Chinese CV voicebank.

I work with this type of conversion. you can contact me by email ffeliph999@gmail.com or Discord Ffeliph#7144