Japanese VB Ne-ON 0.2ver Release

Voicebank name: Ne-ON / 네온 / 音² (ネオン)
Pitch symbols: A3, C4, F4.
Language: Japanese

Illustration: Commission from 밀키
Voice Configuration: Hootfemi



“Neon, that’s my name.” "

Name: Ne-ON / 네온 / 音² (ネオン)
Gender: None.
Age: 1 year old.
Height: 150cm.
Weight: 50kg.
Species: Humanoid
Symbolic Color: #CEC7EB
Personality: They haven’t learned emotions yet, so they’re formal and mechanical in everything. Nevertheless, there seems to be a warmth in their own way.
Like: Songs
Dislike: Water
Birthday: 2.10

The new humanoid that haven’t been long since they were made. They always look dry because they have not learned how to feel the emotions.
They really love singing, even though they are not a humanoid made for the purpose of making them sing.
Like the name Ne-ON, when they are in a dark place or sings, their eyes shine like neon signs.
They hate water very much because they have a weak waterproof function.

  • Terms of use -
  1. Voicebank processing, such as a few pitch adjustment, is allowed, but severe processing that the original cannot be recognized is prohibited.
  2. Commercial use and redistribution of this voicebank are completely prohibited.
  3. There is no restriction on the level of secondary creation, but in the case of nsfw creations, warning phrases must be written.
  4. Secondary creation is possible regardless of the official setting, but it should be specified that it is an informal one.
  5. The religious, political, and malicious use of this voicebank is completely prohibited.
  6. All creations using this voiecbank must include the name of the voicebank.
  7. Changing the appearance of character and production of derived character are prohibited.
  • Instructions -

The pronunciation of ‘si’ and ‘ji’ is strong. It can be alleviated by phoneme adjustment function.
Currently, the breathing sound is not output due to the problem of the DeepVocal itself.
If you have any inquiries about the voicebank, please contact to this Twitter account: @NeON_DeepVocal

English translation : 카메비(KameBit)