Is there an equivalent to the _0 phoneme of VOCALOID?

Hi, as I often use japanese voicebanks to make english songs in vocaloid, I often rely on the _0 phoneme that allows to mute the vowel after a consonant, it allows a high versatility of sounds this way, does deepvocal have any equivalent ? as it is extremely useful

The closest thing I can think of is “Tail Symbols”. They work as a Vowel-Consonant to which can be used independently, unlike the normal Vowel-Consonant which you cannot use. Only DeepVocals which have them registered as a Tail Symbol have the ability to do so.

I see, I feel like it would be a great addition to have _0 added to deep vocal as usually voicebanks all register the start of the vowel so it technically is technically totally possible to mute the vowel automatically without changes required to voicebanks

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