Importing pitch parameters to DeepVocal

Hi guys there is any way to import pitch to deepvocal ? I use utaformatix to converts other synth formats but for deepvocal is not converted pitch. There is any trick to import pitch parameters ?

currently, the only way to do this is manually through the VOCALSHIFTER software.

Thank you for answer i hope in the future boxstar will add possible to import pitch :slight_smile:

unfortunately, boxstar has already said he won’t do that. we will be depending on UTAFORMATIX for this.
But the good news is that the UTAFORMATIX team has already announced that they will implement pitch conversion from VOCALOID and UTAU to deepvocal.

Thank you for answer again, good to hear UTAFORMATIX will implement pitch conversion :slight_smile:

the UTAFORMATIX team has released a trial version of the software online where it is possible to convert pitch from USTs and VSQX to deepvocal.
however it only works on the link below. remember it’s a trial version and has bugs.
works best for converting USTs to .DV

Oh thank you so much for link :smiley: