I'm suffering with tail clusters

well, I have been striving with V_X syllables since I started using DeepVocal, but I managed to understand them recently. But some days ago I started trying with English voicebanks, and I can´t make V_X with clusters to sound.
I think that it is maybe the way I´m aliasing and writing syllables.
I’m using something like

s3 - 3@ - kQ - Ql - lz

but it doesn’t work.
does anyone how to correctly alias it?

Tail symbols cannot chain with other tail symbols. It doesn’t work that way. If you want your (Consonant - Consonant) CC end consonant blend for English (e.g. “sk” in “ask”), you’ll have to register the CC together as one tail symbol. That is how WADE’s English works at least.

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