I downloaded Deep Vocal just now and I have an important question

Hi everybody! I started to use Deep Vocal today. Almost everything is fine, except that I have problem with writing lyrics properly. I use Bunny ENG Native voice bank. I found this video which explains how to use it, but I don’t understand it at all. https://youtube.com/watch?v=RK32-2GUfmw
I noticed that writing words by simply typing for example, “love”, “but”, “feeling” is not working. (The audio mutes). Anybody can help?

Bunny ENG Native uses VCCV phonemes which means:

  1. Instead of a single note with the word “love”, you would put smaller notes that contain the necessary phonemes to make up the word “love”. Example: [ lu ] [ v ] instead of [ love ]

  2. The phonemes must be compatible with VCCV for it to work properly.

PaintedCz, the person who made VCCV, has a video about this (https://youtu.be/JZJbM2PNqV0), and in the description there is a google doc about the VCCV Lexicon. I hope this helps!

Thank you. You helped me.