How Do I Transfer UTAUloids to DeepVocal?

I made a UTAU about a year ago, and I was kinda thinking about recording new samples and place them into DV. The main problem: I have no idea how :sweat_smile:
I’ve seen videos that talk about conversion commissions, but I don’t really wanna pay for it (my mom won’t let me anyway). If anyone does this, can you tell me how to do it so that you won’t have to suffer doing it?

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I will assume that you are creating a Japanese DeepVocal.
Before you start:

  1. It is highly recommended to record your voicebank in CVVC, but is possible to use VCV though is more troublesome and inconsistent.
  2. Download DeepVocal Toolbox.
  3. Relative good understanding of how CVVC voicebanks work
    HitCoder made a good tutorial on Youtube to which you can find it here

Things to keep in mind if you change the list provided by HitCoder:

  • Please note that if your voiced/unvoiced consonants are not listed in the phonetic dictionary, your consonants will be missing.
    For example, if I put “ya,y,a” and I didn’t put “y” in my voiced/unvoiced consonants, the “y” in “ya” will not be produced when the DeepVocal sings.
  • Vowels and Consonants are different and so the same letter cannot represent both.
    For example, I write: “na ni nu ne no”. ‘n’ is recorded in DeepVocal as a vowel in the vowel list and will not recognise the ‘n’ in ‘na’ as a consonant. When entering the symbols, instead of ‘na,n,a’ you can enter ‘na,N,a’ and have ‘N’ inside your voiced consonants. Keep in mind when building the voice configuration, you will need to make additional configurations for ‘N’ such as ‘n_N’ for the VX.