How do I change song bpm?

Can’t make the singer sing slower/faster… Please explain how to do it :frowning:

1.make sure you are in this music score (I’m not so sure how to spell it in English…just see the screenshot) mode TIM截图20200626043628
2.use the pen edit tool (which looks like a pen)
3.double click the area next to the word “tempo”(I have circled it with the red pen)

4.then you can change the bpm


Actually, I found out the answer just after seeing your question (happen to find it by randomly clicking around). I, myself was confused by this problem at that time, too!
It’s a good software, but unfortunately have no good user direction.

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I am not the first, but also not the last one to thank you! I agree with you, the manual would not hurt!