Hi, im new to this deepvocal thing

Hi-- i dont know how to download voicebanks. I’m looking at AQUA_VOICE but I don’t now how to download it— help OnO

Step 1: you’ll need to navigate to the singer’s website. In this case, you’re looking for AQUA_VOICE so there’s only the fandom page. You may access it here: https://deepvocal.fandom.com/wiki/Bing_Shui_Yin_(WADE)

Step 2: Find the download link. Different websites have their download links listed differently, but for AQUA_VOICE all you need to do is just scroll down. There are 3 languages you may download at the moment: Mandarin Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Step 3: Download the voicebank of your choice.

Step 4: All of AQUA_VOICE’s voicebanks comes in a .zip so you do not need any additional programs for file extraction. Once the download is complete, you right-click on the .zip and press ‘extract all’.

Step 4.1: You should now have 1 folder. Inside this folder should have files (SKC, SKSD, Readme etc.).

Step 5: Locate your DeepVocal installation. If you did the standard installation, DeepVocal should be installed in ProgramFiles(x86)/DeepVocal. If you didn’t, then you should know what you’re doing. Inside the folder where DeepVocal is installed, there should be a “singers” folder.

Step 6: Copy (or move) AQUA_VOICE (the folder containing the files in step 4.1) to the “singers” folder

Step 7: Open DeepVocal. Right-click on an empty part and under “singers”, you should be able to find AQUA_VOICE.

Step 8: have fun using and adhere to the rules stated in its readme!