Download site and System Requirements

Hello, I’m very new to Deep vocal and I have seen 2 download sites so I was wondering which is the real one and It is stated in neither if it is compatible with Windows 7

Here are the sites that I have found:

I can’t tell if it’s compatible or not with Windows 7 because I use Win 10, but I presume it is.
About the website, you can find the download links here:
For using DeepVocal, you need the DeepVocal Editor and a voicebank that you like. If you want to make your own voicebank, you can download the DeepVocal ToolBox

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Thank you. Sorry for replying very late. Someone has confirmed that DeepVocal does run on Windows 7. The only issue I have right now is that there is a message that says that the toolkit and the editor are from unknown publishers. I want to know if the same thing happens to other users as well.

Deepvocal editor is compatible with windows 7, but the tool to create voice banks (deepvocal TOOLBOX DVTB) has some compatibility problems, this makes it difficult to create voice banks using windows 7, but it is not impossible, because I have already created databases voice using windows 7. The requirements for running deepvocal editor are basically the same as for running windows, 2gb RAM, windows 32 or 64 bits, 1ghz processor or faster. however the DEEPVOCAL TOOLBOX requires a lot of processing power it requires a robust computer with a dual, quad or octa core processor and a minimum of 4gb of ram.

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