Deepvocal toolbox's high CPU usage

many people complain because the toolbox causes the computer to crash, and I didn’t understand the reason, because on my computer it works very well, I discovered the problem right when I opened the task manager, as you can see in the attached image, when the toolbox is with the edit window open, it consumes more than half the CPU, my processor is an intel core i5 3.40 ghz, the toolbox consumes a lot of CPU, and I see no reason for that, moving colored bars shouldn’t consume so much, I characterize a bug that needs to be corrected.
the process of moving the colored bars should not consume as much CPU, there is no reason for that to happen.

This is a problem left over from history. At present, the possible explanation is that the CPU consumption caused by spectrum chart is too high

Oh, so this is why the toolbox makes my computer crash all the time!

Any known way to fix it?