Can't build Voice Models/Bank?

I keep getting these errors whenever I try to build my voice models and voicebank. These screenshots show some of the things I’ve tried to do to fix it, but none of them have worked. I’ve also tried replacing the romaji symbols in the model symbols box with hiragana and I’ve even tried renaming the hiragana wav files to romaji and nothings working.
Also, I don’t know if this is relevant, but whenever I close the voice configure window it deletes all of the configuring work I did even if I save the whole project. It’s not a huge problem since it’s pretty easy, but it’s a bit frustrating since it does take a while because I have every sound saved to it’s own wav.

If anyone knows how to fix it or has any ideas that might not even work, please let me know.
Or if anyone would be willing to download my voicebank and the dvtb file (that will only save the phonetic dictionary) and try to fix it, please let me know.

  • Model files does not exist:
    The model files has not been generated and cannot be found by the program. Please generate them and put the correct directory.
  • Random start and end with absolutely nothing
    Please check your Wav Location and ensure that DeepVocal Toolbox is run as an administrator.
  • Error that nothing exist in “insert location”
    I do not know how to fix this as I do not use that.
  • Pitch symbol error
    The symbol you have written is missing or wrong. Please write the correct pitch symbol. It is not written in the photo under “Build Voice Bank”.

If everything still fails, please send your voicebank to me and I will look into it.