Any way to download Deepvocal 1.16?

Hello there !

There is this really annoying (and well known) glitch on version 2.1 where no “independant sounds” can be played, and I was wondering if it was fixed but I don’t see any reasons of why it would be now more than the last time I downloaded DV.
So I’m wondering if there could be some kind of “archive section” on the forum/Website where we could download the stable release, aka version 1.16. I’m ok with the developper not updating Deepvocal now but considering the fact that it’s a really, REALLY program-breaking glitch and that there is a version modern enough who doesn’t even have it, it would be really sweet if we could access it again ! I would really love to experiment creating a multilingual voicebank but I can’t mimic any complicated sounds without this function. (And it’s a shame considering how much potential there is in this program)
Or maybe somebody can give me a (trustworthy) link to an archive somewhere else ?
Thanks in advance !

here are the older updates of DV toolbox, hope it works software - Google 云端硬盘